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The DICAM arrangement: roles, functions and competence fields of the governement and administrative structures of the Department.

Head of Department

Alberto Montanari
The Director represents the Department and coordinates the institutional activities. He acts as chairman of the Department Council and of the Department Board. He takes care of the accomplishment of the provisions and he is responsible for conservation of minutes. He is responsible for the administration and for the accounting. Head of Department is elected for a term of office of three years and his mandate can be renewed only once.

Head of Department Administration

Vanessa Valisella
Jointly with the Head of Department, the Head of Department Administration is responsible of the administrative and accounting management of the Department.

Deputy Head of Department

Alessandro Paglianti
Replaces Head of Department in case of absence or temporary impediment.

Department bodies

Department Board
Department Board collaborates with the Head of Department in the execution of his duty.
Department Council
It's up to the Department council to manage, coordinate and plan every Department activities.
The Head of Department relies on the contributions of several Committees made ​​up of some professors and technicians of the Department.