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Prof. George W. Scherer (Princeton University, USA) ISA Senior Visiting Fellow at DICAM

ISA Senior Fellowship awards foreign academics involved in joint research projects with Departments and Research Centres of the University of Bologna, funding visiting periods for research at our University

George W. Scherer ( is Full Professor at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Princeton University and a member of the Princeton Materials Institute. His research involves the mechanisms of deterioration of concrete and stone, particularly by crystallization of ice and salts in the pores, as well as studies of hydration of cement and transport properties of cement paste and other porous materials. The main activities of his research group are summarised in the website

The outstanding research activity of prof. Scherer is documented by more than 300 papers (h index 53), three books (Relaxation in Glass and Composites, Wiley, 1986; Sol-Gel Science, Academic Press, 1990; Factors affecting Portland Brownstone durability, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012) and several patents.

Prof. Scherer collaborates with Elisa Franzoni’s research group in “Materials science and technology for Cultural Heritage” at DICAM and is co-supervisor of the European project HAP4MARBLE ( The collaboration concerns the deterioration of stone and its consolidation and protection by novel inorganic treatments based on hydroxyapatite.

Prof. Scherer will be at DICAM in the period 24th April - 24th May 2017.