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Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnologies and Biorefineries - LABIOTEC

The Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnologies and Biorefineries (LABIOTEC) is dedicated to research activities focusing in the topics of microbiology, biotechnological processes, biochemistry, molecular biology and analytical chemistry.
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The Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnologies and Biorefineries (LABIOTEC) is equipped for the development and monitoring of biotechnological processes dedicated to the treatment of environmental contaminated matrices (soils, sediments or waters) and to the valorization of effluents, wastes and surplus of food industry and of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, by menas of the recovery or production (via fermentation or microbial/enzymatic bioconversion) of fine chemicals and biofuels.The LABIOTEC facilities also allow to carry out the isolation, cultivation and characterization of microorganisms of environmental/industrial interest. The same microorganisms can be employed in the development of the above mentioned processes.

The main topics of the activities carried out within the LABIOTEC can be summarized in:

  • Microbiology
  • Biotechnological processes
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Analytical Chemistry

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For a description of research activities hosted by LABIOTEC, please, refer to the corresponding thematic area within the “Projects and Research Activities” page of the DICAM web site.

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LABIOTEC (versione Italiana)
Laboratorio di Biotecnologie Ambientali e Bioraffinerie
Image gallery LABIOTEC - Research
The LABIOTEC is organized for carrying out the following main activities: Microbiology, Biotechnologial processes, Biochemestry and Molecular Biology, Analitical Chemistry.