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LAMAC - Resource and facilities

Equipments for:

Equipments for polymer synthesis and modification

EquipmentLocation Application
Glass lab reactors Lab. 3-015 Synthesis of polymer (50 g capacity)
Pilot Plant Reactor Lab. 1-012 Synthesis of polymer (1 kg capacity)
Brabender Plasticorder PL2000 mixer Melt Blending of polymers and additives (50 g)
Coperion twin-screw extruder ZSK 18 Lab. 1-012 Melt blending of polymers and additives
Injection Moulder  Negri-Bossi VE 70-240 with tools for ISO A specimen Lab. 1-012 Injection mouldind of polymeric materials
Mini Injection Moulder Lab. 1-012
UV Lamp Lab. 3-012 Photopolymerizations and grafting reactions on various substrates

Equipments for molecular characterization

Perkin-Elmer Spectrum One FTIR  spectrophotometer with ATR accessory Lab. 3-013 Molecular characterization
GPC Agilent HPLC 1100 with UV e RI detectors Lab. 3-013 Molecular weight determination of polymers
Viscosimeter Lab. 3-013 Intrinsic viscosity measurements for  molecular weight determination of polymers
Access to Varian 300, 400 and 600 MHz NMR spectrometers
Access to XRD spectrometer

Equipments for polymer properties characterization

Rheometrics SR5 stress-controlled rheometer Lab. 1-021 Rheological characterization
CEAST  capillary rheometer Lab. 1-021 Rheological characterization
Perkin-Elmer DSC 6 and DSC7 Lab. 3-020 Thermal characterization
Perkin -Elmer TGA7 Lab. 3-020 Thermogravimetric analyzer
Rheometrics DMTA 3E Lab. 3-020 Dynamic-mechanical thermal analyzer
Zeiss optical microscopy equipped with Linkam hot-stage Lab. 3-020 Morphologycal characterization
DSA 30S KRÜSS Lab. 3-020 Contact angle measuring instruments