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LAMC - Resources and facilities

LAMC provides support to the research activity of the DICAM Department and the teaching activity of the School of Engineering and Architecture.

Lab facilities include work spaces, advanced computing systems and devices and software packages, such as general purpose codes for numerical simulation, codes for structural analysis and design, CAD software, mathematical libraries, codes for symbolic manipulation and programming language codes. Some codes developed at LAMC for research\educational purposes are also available to lab users. All the lab computers are connected to the Internet and the campus-wide network, with access to the online library services.

The Lab spaces offer:

  • a central area which houses 3 fully equipped working stations for advanced computations and computer-graphic applications,
  • a technology-enhanced classroom with 18 seats plus a fully equipped teaching station,
  • a Data Elaboration Center (CED) which houses the lab servers and advanced computing systems and gives lab users all network services, thanks to a high speed connection to the Unibo net backbone,
  • a conference room with teaching and presentation facilities, used for meetings, seminars and workshops,
  • four offices which house the director, the tech support specialist, up to 5 Ph.D. students or fellows and visiting professors.