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Roads Laboratory - LAS

For over 75 years LAS has been conducting research and experimentation in the field of transportation. Traditional and cutting-edge equipment is used to analyse and characterise soil materials, aggregates, asphalt, bituminous materials as well as new materials both in the laboratory and on site.

Thanks to its heavy-equipment lab, experimental dynamics subsection and mobile unit for on-site testing, LAS is well-equipped to conduct the full range of studies necessary to evaluate the performance characteristics of any transportation infrastructure, including roadways, railways and airport runways.

LAS’s institutional objectives are university research and teaching. It is moreover an authorized agency for standards testing and certification for third parties.


The main aim of LaS’s activities is research into construction materials for transportation infrastructures. To this end, it makes use of both traditional laboratory tests and sophisticated analyses for characterising construction materials. Moreover, apart from determinations for scientific research purposes, testing is also conducted in the framework of research contracts and agreements with external agencies and firms.

Its research activities run the full gamut: formulation and design of novel bituminous mixtures and dynamic analyses of their fatigue performance; prequalification of soil materials and gyratory compaction design of their stabilization with hydraulic binders; study of the compaction of recycling materials and on-site deflectometer evaluation of their bearing capacity.

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In 2006 the DICAM Roads Laboratory completed 75 years of operations. An historic institution, LAS has in fact been conducting laboratory and on-site testing since the mid-1930s. Applying standard as well as non-standard instrumentation and procedures, it conducts analyses on the widest possible range of materials for road, railway and airport structures for the purposes of both research and certification.

From its historic original location in Piazza Celestini, in 1936 the Experimental Laboratory of the Road and Railway Constructions Institute was transferred, together with the College of Engineering, to the faculty’s current premises at Viale Risorgimento 2. In the post-war period road technology underwent considerable evolution and under the direction of Prof. Bruno Bottau, the Laboratory evolved correspondingly. Through the addition of a wide variety of new testing equipment, it was to become a renowned centre in road materials research.

Teaching and training

LAS constitutes a reference point for institutional teaching activities.
LAS’s teaching activities also include training courses for external personnel.

Resources and facilities

Traditional equipment
The LAS is endowed with a vast range of traditional testing equipment.
Advanced equipment
LAS is equipped with innovative instruments for conducting tests according to EN standards as well as non-conventional tests for research purposes.

Scientist in charge


How to reach LAS
The entrance is through the next-to-last glass door on the left side of the main building. The Lab can also be reached through the School main entrance by following the ground floor corridor about half way to the interior entrance to LAS.
LAS (versione Italiana)
Laboratorio di Strade
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LAS - Laboratorio di Strade (Roads Laboratory)


Viale Risorgimento 2

40136 - Bologna, ITALY

tel: +39 051 2093529

fax: +39 051 2093527