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Image gallery LASTM - Research

LASTM consists of 11 operating sections, based on the activities carried out: physical characterization, applied chemistry, materials characterization, technology of building materials, fresh concrete, mechanical testing , X-ray, microporosimetry, optical and electron microscopy, electrical and ultrasonic measurements, aging and thermal analysis.

  • Phisical characterization [LASTM 1-023] click to zoom
    Phisical characterization [LASTM 1-023] Grinding of inert materials (bricks, ceramic materials, stones, industrial waste, etc.) by means of mills. Automated sieving of aggregates for concrete/polymeric mixes. Preparation of particulate composites by an industrial mixer.
  • Applied chemistry [LASTM 1-026] click to zoom
    Applied chemistry [LASTM 1-026] Chemical and physical analysis of water, fuels, air and hydraulic binders, organic matrix materials, etc..
  • Materials characterization [LASTM 1-024] click to zoom
    Materials characterization [LASTM 1-024] Experimental studies on moisture rising and soluble salts crystallization affecting masonry-walls. Preparation of the specimens and chromatography analysis for the determination of soluble salts. Measurements of the corrosion rate by means of electrochemical devices. Application of consolidation and protection treatments on natural and artificial stones, mortar and concrete. Materials curing.
  • Technology of building materials [LASTM 1-002] click to zoom
    Technology of building materials [LASTM 1-002] Preparation of paste and mortar with a cementitious or organic matrix. Rheological tests on paste and mortar. Tests for the determination of physical parameters (setting time, stability) of binders.
  • Fresh concrete [LASTM 1-027] click to zoom
    Fresh concrete [LASTM 1-027] Preparation of conventional fresh and self-compacting concrete. Fresh concrete tests. Preparation and characterization of mortar. Materials curing.
  • Mechanical testing [LASTM 1-001] click to zoom
    Mechanical testing [LASTM 1-001] Determination of the mechanical properties of the materials (tensile, compressive, flexural, resilience and hardness tests).
  • X-Ray [LASTM 1-003] click to zoom
    X-Ray [LASTM 1-003] Preparation of the specimens and X-ray analysis.
  • Microporosimetry [LASTM 1-019] click to zoom
    Microporosimetry [LASTM 1-019] Mercury intrusion macro and micro -porosimetry.
  • Optical and electron microscopy [LASTM 1-004] click to zoom
    Optical and electron microscopy [LASTM 1-004] Observation of the corrosion morphology. Investigation of the microstructure of metallic, polymeric, ceramic, composite, (ancient and modern) construction materials.
  • Electrical and ultrasonic measurements [LASTM 1-022]
    Electrical and ultrasonic measurements [LASTM 1-022] Measurement of electrical properties of (ceramic, polymeric and composite) insulating materials in direct current (conductivity, charging and discharging currents) and in alternating current (dielectric constant and loss factor).
  • Aging and thermal analysis [LASTM 1-029] click to zoom
    Aging and thermal analysis [LASTM 1-029] Thermal analysis (differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetry) for the study of the transition phases in materials. Accelerated aging of materials; study of their behavior in time and reliability.