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Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology - LASTM

The Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology (LASTM) is a technical and scientific laboratory. The research, experimentation and education activities are conducted in the field of materials for industrial and construction applications.
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For over 30 years, LASTM hosts research, technical supporting and training activities focusing on materials science and technology in industrial, construction and restoration areas.

Thanks to its equipments, LASTM conducts full range of studies necessary to evaluate the characteristics and performance of materials. In particular, attention is paid to find correlations between the structure/miscrostructure and the physical-mechanical properties.

Research areas

LASTM consists of 11 operating sections, based on the activities carried out:

  • physical characterization
  • applied chemistry
  • materials characterization
  • technology of  building materials
  • fresh concrete
  • mechanical testing
  • X-ray
  • microporosimetry
  • optical and electron microscopy
  • electrical and ultrasonic measurements
  • aging and thermal analysis

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Consulting and services

LASTM supports the realization of research projects, the collaboration between the university and industrial world offering the own scientific and technical skills to public and private costumers. In particular, LASTM is recognized as official laboratory for standard testing and certification for third parties, according to Italian laws: R. D. 16.11.39 - nn. 2228-223, L. 26.05.65 – n. 595, L. 05.11.71 – n. 1086 “Norme per la disciplina delle opere di conglomerato, normale e precompresso ed a struttura metallica” (Directions for reinforced, plain and pre-stressed concrete structures).

Teaching and training
In LASTM, teaching, training exercises, internships and stages, experimental Theses are carried out within 1st and 2nd level Degrees relevant to several engineering fields (Environmental, Chemical and Biochemical, Civil, Building, Electrical, Mechanical) and within the one-long cycle 2nd level Degree in Architecture and Building Engineering. Coordination and training/teaching activities are also conducted in post-graduate courses (PhD and Master Courses).

Resource and facilities
LASTM is equipped with many instruments and devices for the chemical, physical, electrical, thermal, mechanical and microstructural characterization of materials. Moreover, at Centro Ceramico (Ceramic Centre) several instruments for the chemical, physical, mechanical and microstructural characterization of ceramic materials are available.

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How to reach LASTM
LASTM (versione italiana)
Laboratorio di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali
Image gallery LASTM - Research
LASTM consists of 11 operating sections, based on the activities carried out: physical characterization, applied chemistry, materials characterization, technology of building materials, fresh concrete, mechanical testing , X-ray, microporosimetry, optical and electron microscopy, electrical and ultrasonic measurements, aging and thermal analysis.


LASTM - Laboratorio di Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali (Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology)


Via Terracini 28

40131 - Bologna, ITALY

tel: +39 051 2090341

fax: +39 051 2090341