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The DICAM has two libraries: "Giovanni Michelucci" Library (Viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna) and "Franco P.Foraboschi" Library (Via Terracini 28, Bologna).
"Giovanni Michelucci" Library
"Giovanni Michelucci" Library - Home page The main places and services of the Library Area Civil Engineering and Architecture "Giovanni Michelucci."
"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library
"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library All information and services about “Franco P. Foraboschi” Library.
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The Library for You!
The online survey on University library services
Biblioteche del DICAM (Italian site)
Additional information can be found at the Dicam Libraries italian site.
AMS Historica - Collezione digitale di opere storiche
AMS Historica - Collection Architecture (Italian site): Digitization of Historic Architecture Fund kept at the Library of the Department of Architecture, University of Bologna.
Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio - "Dissegni di alcune prospettive di Palazzi, Ville e Chiese del Bolognese
Dell'Archiginnasio Library - "Drawings some prospects Palaces, Villas and Churches of the Bolognese made in the time of Mr. Paleotti Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna, Egnazio Danti, 1578 “ (Italian site).
University Library System - SBA
Portal of the Libraries of the Ateneo: Information services and documentation provided by the Inter-Library Center and the University Library System.