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"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library - Interlibrary loan and Document delivery services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The library provide the interlibrary loan service. Materials owned by other libraries can be requested (inbound interlibrary loan). As well, the library can provide their own materials to external libraries (outbound interlibrary loan).

  • Outbound interlibrary loan: it's a service available to libraries belonging to the National Library Service (SBN) and to libraries of public universities and research institutions. The interlibrary loan service is currently free to academic libraries that ensure a no-cost reciprocity of the service and who have on-line information available about their own bibliographic materials.
  • Inbound interlibrary loan: it's restricted to University staff only, who are members of the Department.

Document delivery (DD)

The Library provides a document delivery service (DD) only to University libraries, national libraries, libraries of public research institutions, documentation centres and to NILDE (Network Inter-Library Document Exchange) service users. Therefore, requests from individual users will not be processed. They must submit their requests through an appropriate library.

  • Libraries of the University of Bologna should apply through Sebina Open Library or NILDE. Sending is generally by e-mail or internal mail if it is not possible to digitalize the material.
  • External libraries may apply by e-mail, NILDE or through Sebina Open Library. Sending is generally by e-mail, or by mail if it is not possible to digitalize the material.

Photocopy services are for study or research purposes and for personal use. The requesting library must indicate a specific statement about the photocopies' purpose on its requests. The library however disclaims all liability in the case of non-compliance to the photo-reproduction regulations (L.633/41 and following changes and integrations).

The DD service is suspended while the library is closed. Requests received during this period will be processed as soon as the library is open, following their arrival order.

The library can also submit requests for articles from journals owned by other libraries (inbound document delivery). This service is restricted to University staff only, who are members of the Department.

For additional information please refer to the Italian version of this site.


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