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"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library - On-site reading and Loan services

On-site reading

Access to bibliographic material is available to all library users. The library has a reading room with 68 seats.
Part of the material is located in the reading room with open access to the shelves. The rest of the library material is kept in storage and must be requested at the circulation desk. 
It is possible to use the reading room to browse library bibliographic materials, as well as the users’ personal material. Study group activities are not permitted; however there are study rooms for this purpose located outside the library in the classroom area.


The loan of library materials is available through different procedures, depending on the category of the user requesting the service. Types of loans currently provided are:

  • long-term loan: it is available to all users registered in the city-area register of loan service users. The library provides direct registration services only to users belonging to the University of Bologna. Other users should apply for registration to the loan service at another city-area public library and then they can have access to the loan service of the department Library;
  • daily loan: it is available to all users, subject to the presentation of a valid identity document and the return of the material within the daily opening hours of the library.

Suspension from the service due to overdue return of the books

The University Loan Policy lays down common rules for the suspension from the service in case of overdue return of the books borrowed.

In particular it establishes for all users:

  • temporary barring from the loan service in the library where the book was borrowed, until return of the book, and afterwards suspension from the loan service for a period twice the days of delay
  • temporary barring from the loan service in all the University libraries, after 12 days of delay (for course books and stand-alone multimedia) and after 28 days of delay (for other books). In both cases barring will be into force after the sending of a loan expiry reminder and at least three overdue loan notices, and until the return of the book.

For additional information please refer to the Italian version of this site.


"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library

Via Terracini 28

40131 - Bologna

tel: +39 051 20 90325

tel: +39 051 20 90326

tel: +39 051 20 90327

fax: +39 051 20 90247 (Mon-Thurs 9.00-17.30, Fri 9.00-13.30)(GMT+1)

** OPENING HOURS (GMT+1): from Monday to Friday 9.00-19.00
from Monday to Thursday 9.00-17.30, Friday 9.00-13.15