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"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library - Reference and Photocopy services

Reference service (Bibliographic searches)

The service is available to students to research information for their study activities (exams, term papers, theses, etc.). Students may refer to the circulation desk and they will be sent to the librarian on duty at the reference desk. Service is available, usually, in the morning or by appointment.

For quick reference requests (e.g. information about the use of catalogues and library services), users can directly enquire with the employees at the circulation desk.

Please note that there is also an online service of the University libraries called “Ask the librarian” (italian site).


Library users can make photocopies at the copy centre located near the entrance of the Library, taking materials on daily loan (the library photocopier is for internal use only).


"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library

Via Terracini 28

40131 - Bologna

tel: +39 051 20 90325

tel: +39 051 20 90326

tel: +39 051 20 90327

fax: +39 051 20 90247 (Mon-Thurs 9.00-17.30, Fri 9.00-13.30)(GMT+1)

** OPENING HOURS (GMT+1): from Monday to Friday 9.00-19.00
from Monday to Thursday 9.00-17.30, Friday 9.00-13.15