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"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library

All information and services about “Franco P. Foraboschi” Library.

General information

Site, bibliographic heritage and historical notes
More than 10,800 monographs, 537 periodicals (between current and ceased), 68 reading seats and 12 computer stations (2 of which are reserved for catalogue research).

Services to library's users

On-line services and Internet access
Searching of catalogs, on-line resources, access to lecture notes and wireless network connection.
On-site reading and Loan services
Consultation and daily and long-term loan.
Interlibrary loan and Document delivery services
Outbound and inbound interlibrary loan and document delivery.
Reference and Photocopy services
Bibliographic searches and photocopies.


Info & News (Dicam Libraries Italian site)
Information, News and Events of the Dicam Libraries ("Giovanni Michelucci" and "Franco P. Foraboschi")
How to reach "Franco P. Foraboschi" Library
School of Engineering and Architecture of Bologna - Via Terracini, 28
Biblioteca "Franco P. Foraboschi" (italian site)


"Franco P. Foraboschi" Library

Via Terracini 28

40131 - Bologna

tel: +39 051 20 90325

tel: +39 051 20 90326

tel: +39 051 20 90327

fax: +39 051 20 90247 (Mon-Thurs 9.00-17.30, Fri 9.00-13.30)(GMT+1)

** OPENING HOURS (GMT+1): from Monday to Friday 9.00-19.00
from Monday to Thursday 9.00-17.30, Friday 9.00-13.15