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Tectonics and sedimentation in the outer northern apennines

Keywords: Outer Northern Apennines, marker horizons, olistostromes, synsedimentary tectonics, active tectonics.
Fig. 1. Geologic map of the Liguride overthrust in the Western Tuscany-Romagna Apennines (Landuzzi, 2005).
Fig. 2. Regional geologic cross-section from the Mugello basin (Tuscany) to the Po Plain (Emilia) (Bernagozzi, Landuzzi & Vai, 2005).

In the mountain range bounded to the S by the Mugello and the Casentino basins, to the W by the Sillaro valley and to the E by the Conca valley, a study of the tectono-sedimentary relationships between the Umbria-Romagna foredeep and the Liguride nappe allows us to deeply understand chronology and style of the Apennine deformation. Synsedimentary folds and subsequent thrusts affect the foreland/foredeep succession; low angle normal faults are confined within the nappe; active high angle normal faults dismember the Apennine building from the Tyrrhenian See to the Po - Adriatic side of the mountain belt.

This research activity, carried out in collaboration with the Departments BiGeA (University of Bologna) and FST (University of Ferrara), focuses at the following subjects: (1) physical correlation of marker horizons in the foredeep successions, with individuation of time-equivalent surfaces in the semi-allochthonous successions; (2) recognition of synsedimentary folds in the inner part of the Umbria-Romagna foredeep; (3) reconstruction of the Apennine front in the Miocene, based on olistostromes and their peculiar sedimentary covers; (4) discrimination between reactivation and passive displacement of the Liguride overthrust; (5) mapping and interpretation of the low angle normal faults confined within the Liguride nappe; (6) analysis of the relationships between recent uplift and active high angle normal faults. This research activity makes use of classical techniques of geological mapping and elaboration; seismic profiles and borehole data provided by hydrocarbon exploration companies are used for calibration at depth of geological cross-sections.

From 2008 onwards, the greatest attention is given to the subjects (5) and (6), because of their implications in the geological modeling of large scale landslides of particular interest for other DICAM research activities.

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