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Wastewater treatment and plant management

Keywords: nitrogen removal, rainy conditions, finishing, monitoring, neural network, WWTP management

The research activity about urban wastewater treatment  is carried out by:

  • full scale investigation in Bologna WWTP about oxidization, foaming as effect filamentous biomasses and functioning during variations in dilution due to rainy weather conditions.

Results concern:

  • efficiency in nitrogen removal in function of  SRT and HDOC
  • efficiency in primary phases with increased flow during rainy weather conditions and in oxygen dissolving in presence of filamentous biomasses.

Research activity about wastewater plant management is developed by:

  • monitoring and full scale investigations in Funo (BO) SBR WWTP and in Trebbo (BO) SSR WWTP,
  • continuous monitoring and laboratory scale investigations on a plant model realized in Bologna ENEA PROT laboratories.

Obtained results permit:

  • identification of events and typical behaviors of signals useful in focusing variations in active biochemical processes,
  • description of transitory answer obtained by orders on control plant parameters pointed out by artificial neural network.

Reserach activity about finishing, recovery and reuse of treated urban wastewater  is developed by:

  • full scale investigations about finishing effect of FWS phytotreatment systems and facultative lagoons,
  • laboratory experimentations about anionic/ cationic/non ionic surfactants removal by magnetic filtering,
  • full scale and pilot scale experiences about flow conditions and removal efficiency of O.S. and nutrients in H-SFS / V-SFS phytotreatment plants

Results consist in discussions about:

  • efficiency in disinfection and nitrogen removal of floating macrophytes and microalgal biomass,
  • efficiency in surface-active substance removal,
  • efficiency of finishing systems and on site treatment in order to respect exysting law about wastewater recover and reuse.

Main publications

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Research projects

DISTART-DEIS-ENEA ACS Dept.-HERA BO. Project: Authomatic Management of Municipal Wastewater Treatment.

CIRI - TECNOPOLI Project: Fluidodinamica per le applicazioni ambientali.