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Corrosion and protection of metals

Keywords: corrosion, accelerating ageing, electrochemical measurements, surface characterization
Fig. 1. Fig. 1. Electrochemical cell with thermostat (picture by M.C. Bignozzi).
Fig. 2. Polarisation curves (picture by M.C. Bignozzi).
Corrosion and protection of metals - Fig. 3
Fig. 3 Sample ageing in salt-spray test chamber (picture by G. Masi).

The aim of the research is the development of guidelines for the prevention and protection from corrosion of ferrous and not-ferrous alloys exposed to different environments. Research projects concern the study of corrosion mechanisms and protection of metal alloys used in the industrial sector (i.e. “Corrosion of 316L in Ultrahigh- Purity Water for Pharmaceutical Indus-tries” and “Corrosion of different steels in Chemical Plants”), in Cultural Heritage (i.e. “Corrosion behaviour and protection of outdoor bronzes”) and in architecture/building construction (i.e. “Atmospheric corrosion of COR-TEN steel with different surface finish” and “Corrosion of steel bar reinforcement in geopolymer or cement matrix”). In particular, the evaluation of the corrosion behaviour and the protective efficiency of coatings is performed through accelerated ageing (salt spray and environmental test chambers), surface analyses, thermal analyses, electrochemical measurements.

Research activities are carried out in collaboration with research groups of the Departments of Cultural heritage (Dr. Cristina Chiavari), Industrial Engineering (Dr. Carla Martini), and Industrial Chemistry «Toso Montanari» (Dr. Elena Bernardi), University of Bologna.

Moreover, projects in collaboration with nation-al and international research centers and companies are developed in order to solve technological problems due to unexpected corrosion phenomena.

Research projects

“Bronze-IMproved non-hazardous PAtina CoaTings” (B-IMPACT) – call 2013. Two years project: 2015-2017.
Coordinator: Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute – S-ZAG.
Partners: University of Bologna (Italy), University of Ferrara (Italy), Toulouse University (France), Ecamricert S.R.L.(Italy), Pylote (France), Livartis (Ljubljana, Slovenia) e C2M (France).

Main publications

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