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Electrical behaviour, aging and reliability of insulating materials and systems

Keywords: polymeric insulating materials and systems, nanocomposites, aging, dielectric losses
Fig. 1. Laboratory of electrical measurements. (Picture by Andrea Saccani)
Fig. 2. Cell for accelerated aging. (Picture by Andrea Saccani).

The investigation of the electrical properties studies allow to make correlations with the physical, mechanical, structural and microstructural characteristics of materials.

In the laboratory, the electrical bulk and surface conductivity are investigated in the temperature range from -80 to 250 °C, as well as the permittivity and the loss factor from10-2 to 106 Hz.

Main research topics are insulating materials and polymeric systems, including nanocomposites.

The more relevant aims are:

  1. the investigation of the aging mechanisms of insulating materials and the evaluation of the time behaviour and reliability through accelerated test methods that simulate the on-service conditions;
  2. the investigation of the conduction mechanisms and of the dielectric relaxation processes in the bulk and at the interfaces.
  3. the deposition of organic-inorganic coatings with peculiar properties (antistatic, charge injection barrier).
  4. Investigation of the failure causes of materials and systems the electric and electronic industry.

Some of the indicated activities are carried out in collaboration with research groups of the University in particular with the Department of Electrical Engineering “G. Marconi” of the University of Bologna.

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