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Multiphysics and coupled problems

Keywords: fluid-structure interaction, coupled deformation-diffusion, phase transitions, salt attack, piezoelectricity
Fig. 1. Instantaneous vorticity contours around a low-rise building (Patruno).
Fig. 2. Simulation of tensile test in NiTi shape memory alloy, stress-strain prediction and phase morphology at different stages (Molari).
Fig. 3. Water uptake on two-storey wall: water content distribution for (a) virgin masonry wall, (b) a damage masonry wall (Castellazzi).

This research line encompasses the development of ad-hoc numerical formulations for the analysis of several coupled problems.

In particular, tools are developed for:

  • numerical simulation of wind tunnel tests by means of LES (Fig. 1) and generation of synthetic turbulence;
  • dynamic structural response to the wind action and extraction of Equivalent Static Wind Loads;
  • assessment of the aeroelastic stability of structures by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics;
  • simulation of phase transition in metals using phase field model with applications to steel and shape memory alloys (Fig. 2);
  • simulation of the mechanically driven mass diffusion in deformable solids, aimed at predicting the so-called hydrogen embrittlement, which may occur in metals containing an initially uniform dilute concentration of hydrogen;
  • simulation of the effect of the diffusion of moisture within the masonry on the mechanical response as well as of the effect of the mechanical degradation on the diffusion process;
  • simulation of the moisture diffusion and salt transport in porous media with attention to the stress and damage prediction (Fig. 3).

Main Publications

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Research projects

KISADAMA - Kinetics of Salt Crystallization and Mechanical Damage in Historic Masonry (2013-2016), JPI - JOINT HERITAGE EUROPEAN PROGRAMME (

PERCER - Innovazione di processo PER la filiera della piastrella CERamica sostenibile (2016-2018), POR-FESR 2014-2020.