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Experimental investigation and modeling of precast systems

Keywords: precast structure, experimental study, node panel, creep, bar anchorage
Fig. 1. Experimental set-up for creep test on precast beams (Mazzotti).
Fig. 2. Cyclic loading test on beam-column node in full-scale (Mazzotti).
Fig. 3. Dissipative beam-column connection for precast structures (Reglass and Pollini).

The research group is interested in the characterization of precast reinforced concrete structural elements such as beams, single- or multi-storey columns, columns anchored to the foundation, beam-column joints and sandwich panels, with regard to the serviceability and ultimate limit states.

The research groud carried-out lab tests on fullscale specimens and developed numerical models for the interpretation of the experimental results. The tests performed focused on different mechanical problems such as: the long-term behaviour; the evolution of strain distribution in precast reinforced concrete beams constructed by stages; cyclic tests on anchoring systems for columns; cyclic tests on full-scale three and four ways beam-column joints; cyclic tests on columns. Currently, the research group is working on innovative wall systems made of concrete and weak reinforcement and walls made of wooden blocks. Monotonic and cyclic tests have been conducted on full-scale specimens in order to characterize the seismic behaviour also, as well as tests for the evaluation of the performance of thermal and acoustic insulation. The group is also studying the development of a dissipative device, based on carbon wrapped steel tubes, to insert for retrofiting of friction-based beam-column connections in precast reinforced concrete structures designed without seismic criteria. Experimental tests have been carried out in order to characterize the mechanical behaviour of the devices and numerical models have been developed in order to investigate their effectiveness in reducing seismic vunlerability of structures. Design critera have also been proposed.

After the 2012 Emilia earthquake the research group has been deeply involved in the assessment of seismic vulnerability of precast buildings. The group members performed field surveys during which a significant amount of data on structural damage was collected. These data were analyzed in order to derive fragility models and compared with the results of nonlinear FEM models.

Main publications

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Research projects

Research Project with APE (Montecchio Emilia - RE) for the study of the mechanical behaviour of precast elements completed on site. Coordinator: Prof. Marco Savoia

Research Project with REGLASS (Minerbio - Bo) for the development of dissipative beamcolumn connections in precast reinforced concrete structures

Research Project with ISOBLOC (Soragna - Pr) for the study of innovative block-formwork systems.

2014-2016: Research project funded by the Department of Civil Protection – Reluis, Task 2.1. “Capacità sismica di strutture prefabbricate e tecniche di intervento” - Reinforced Concrete Structures, Coordinators: Prof. Monti, Prota, Spacone.