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Analysis of surface characteristics and new maintenance techniques for road, railway and airport infrastructures

Keywords: Maintenance, Microsurfacings, Skid resistance, Laser Scanner
Fig. 1. Cold laid micro-surfacing (Author: Cesare Sangiorgi).
Fig. 2. Laser scanning of pavement texture (Author: Valentina Alena Girelli).
Fig. 3. Continuous Compaction Control of un-bound C&D layers (Author: Cesare Sangiorgi).

Infrastructure construction and management re-quires validation and monitoring of the perfor-mance characteristics in terms of skid resistance, evenness and bearing capacity, along with tire-pavement contact noise, traffic vibrations and water drainage.

Controls can take place either during construction or the service life of the infrastructure and may lead to re-construction or to scheduled maintenance interventions targeting durability and safety.

In this context, the pavements research group of DICAM aims to develop innovative technologies and methods for monitoring the pavement as well as new maintenance intervention techniques that aim to extend the service life and increase safety.

In particular, the following topics have been re-cently addressed:

(a) Vibratory Continuous Compaction Control of unbound layers, together with LWD or FWD sys-tems used as cross validation methods;
(b) Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS) for the measurement of various geometric characteristics such as profile and sections, for the identification of damages and for the calculation of indexes such as PSI and PCI or similar;
(c) Laser Scanning Systems for the texture analy-sis of pavement surfaces and its correlation with skid resistance and surface drainage;
(d) Microgrip testing methodology for the as-sessment of post-accident cleaning interventions on paved surfaces;
(e) Multifunctional Cold laid micro-surfacings containing End of Life Tires (ELT) crumb rubber for enhanced skid resistance, noise abatement properties and low carbon footprint;
(f) Novel waterproofing systems for bridges and paved surfaces containing ELT recycled rubber mat and bituminous coatings;
(g) Wire heating technologies to control the mois-ture conditions of bituminous pavements surfaces in airports and road infrastructures;
(h) Laboratory assessment procedure to verify the design of the high-performance instrumentations Eurobalise, installed on the railway infrastructure.

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Research projects

Research Project Agreement between DICAM and ALSTOM, Evaluation of the load mode and the potential damage caused on the “Eurobalise“ system due to windage caused by the passage of the train. 2016.

Research Project Agreement between DICAM and Ecopneus Scpa, Laboratory characterization of asphalt interlayers containing ELT rubber. 2015.

Research Project Agreement between DICAM and AHT Italia srl. Use of heating technologies to control the conditions of the road surface pave-ment. 2015.

Research Project Agreement between DICAM and Società Strada dei Parchi SpA. Maintenance of the A25 motorway Torano-Avezzano. 2013.