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Industrial Safety & Environmental Sustainability

Development of methods, models and tools for safety and sustainability assessment of industrial technologies and processes.

The research activities are aimed at the development of new methods, models and tools for safety assessment, quantitative risk analysis and integrated safety and environmental sustainability assessment of industrial processes and chemical plants. The activities encompass experimental investigations, theoretical modeling and support to the development and the advancement of industrial technologies.

Industrial Safety
Environmental Technologies

Industrial Safety

  1. Methods and models for the analysis of domino effect in the process industry
    Valerio Cozzani, Alessandro Tugnoli, Giacomo Antonioni
  2. Analysis of technological accidents triggered by natural disasters (NaTech)
    Valerio Cozzani, Sarah Bonvicini, Giacomo Antonioni, Alessandro Tugnoli, Gigliola Spadoni
  3. Tools and methods for quantitative risk assessment in process facilities and in the transportation of hazardous materials
    Sarah Bonvicini, Gigliola Spadoni, Giacomo Antonioni, Valerio Cozzani
  4. Occupational safety
    Gigliola Spadoni

Environmental Technologies

  1. Enahanced biomass-to-energy conversion
    Valerio Cozzani, Carlo Stramigioli, Francesco Santarelli, Alessandro Tugnoli
  2. Technologies for flue-gas treatment
    Carlo Stramigioli, Giacomo Antonioni, Valerio Cozzani
  3. Methods and tools for health risk assessment
    Gigliola Spadoni, Sarah Bonvicini, Giacomo Antonioni


  1. Safety and sustanability drivers for process design and optimization of supply chains
    Alessandro Tugnoli, Francesco Santarelli, Carlo Stramigioli, Valerio Cozzani
  2. Integrated process for process intensification
    Giovanni Camera Roda

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