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Professors Elena Toth and Cristiana Bragalli joined the kick-off meeting of the SIMTWIST project

The meeting was held at the Wageningen Univeristy and Research in The Netherlands

The Wageningen University & Research (WUR) hosted between June 24 and 26 the kick-off meeting of the SIMTWIST European project (Simulating tourism water consumption with stakeholders), selected in the Water JPI 2018 Closing the Water Cycle Gap call. The Interuniversity Institute of Geography (University of Alicante, UA), together with the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering (Università di Bologna, UNIBO), are the project partners duly coordinated by the Department of Environmental Sciences (WUR), that lasts for 3 years (starting on June 1, 2019).

María Reyes (WUR), Elena Toth and Cristiana Bragalli (UNIBO) and Antonio M. RicoMaría HernándezSandra Ricart and Rubén Villar (UA) attended to the kick-off meeting, coordinated by Prof. Bas Amelung (PI of the project). During the meeting, the work plan was shared and the responsibilities of each partner were corroborated, as well as the planned tasks were analyzed and the project schedule was updated.

With a total budget of 629,364 euro, the project aims to improve the understanding of the tourism water footprint and to help reduce tourism stakeholders’ contributions to water scarcity in tourism destinations by informing public and private decision-makers about the effectiveness of different types of interventions.

The next annual meeting will take place in Alicante in June 2020.