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Best Climate Practices Contest 2015 on “Water Availability for Food Production”

Innovative solutions to improve efficient water management and “water smart” food production.

You have time until July 10th, 2015 to submit your idea or project for the third edition of the Best Climate Practices (BCP) contest on Water Availability for Food Production.

The BCP contest is an annual initiative of the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) aiming at building a collective knowledge platform on bottom-up solutions to climate change and sustainable development issues.

Water is a resource that is essential to all aspects of life, such as health, food and energy. Current water use systems and prospective future water demand raise the challenges of providing solutions to use water more efficiently and to guarantee food security under climate changing conditions.

The Best Climate Practices Contest of 2015 aims to showcase innovative solutions to improve efficient water management and “water smart” food production, and to help the winner/s in scaling up existing projects or implementing ground-breaking ideas.

Individuals or teams can submit existing projects or brand new ideas that implement, promote, or develop “water-smart” solutions, sustainable and climate-resilient water management systems, or strategies for better use and conservation of water resources under climate change in agriculture and food production.

The winner will receive a prize of €10000 to use on developing their project or idea.

Submissions will be assessed by an international Panel of experts and voted on by public online polls. This year's Panel of experts is composed by: Michel Camdessus (Chair of FEEM advisory board); Carlo Carraro (ICCG and Ca’Foscari University, Venice); Raffaello Cervigni (World Bank); Frank Convery (University College Dublin); Alberto Garrido (Universidad Politécnica, Madrid).


To find out more and submit your practice, please visit the website:


Published on 30 June 2015