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Call for applications: Dual Degree - Universitè de Liège

At the following page you will find the call for the Dual degree programme with the Université de Liège: ​

On that webpage you will also find the application form (see below) and the agreement between UNIBO and ULG. Please read it to find information about study plans and other details.


You can submit the application for the Dual Degree between March 14th and March 28th. ​

Who can apply

1st year students of ERE - Environmental Engineering and 1st year students of  Civil Engineering (all curriculums)

How to apply

Applications must be presented, together with all the required attachments, between the 14th of March and the 28th of March, 1 pm (CET), and must be addressed to the Director of DICAM.
They can be handed over to Segreteria Amministrativa of the DICAM, Viale Risorgimento 2, or sent by registered mail (raccomandata A/R) or express delivery service, or by PEC (certified email - see to
IMPORTANT: do not send your application via 'regular' email as we will not be able to accept it.

Documents to be handed over with the application
1) Form (Allegato 2), which includes records of previous experiences, filled in in all its parts;
2) Bachelor Degree Certificate (or self-certification) with transcripts and final grade;
3) Transcript of records of the Laurea Magistrale;
4) Motivation letter to be written in English (max one page A4), which includes the candidate’s academic interests and the reasons of his/her decision to apply;
5) English Language Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Trinity or Cambridge suite), if any*;
6) Copy of a valid identity document;
7) Any other document supporting what has been stated in the attachments above mentioned.
Advice: do not forget to fill in the Form in all its parts, because you are evaluated on it.

Applications assessment
Motivation letter: up to 30 points
Curriculum of 1st level studies: up 25 points
Curriculum of 2nd level studies (Laurea Magistrale): up to 25 points
English Language Certificate (if any*): up to 10 points
Other experiences to be stated in Form 2 (Allegato 2) (i.e. study or internship abroad, publications…): up to 10 points

* you needn't hold a certificate for your application to be complete, nor you need to have one if you are admitted to the programme. Still, for evaluation purposes only, you can gain up to 10 points: for CEFR level =B2: 3 points; for CEFR level =C1: 6 points; for CEFR level =C2: 10 points.

Published on 6 March 2018