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About Computational Mechanics

"Modeling and simulation represent catalysts capable of synthesizing formal theory and experimental results, breaking artificial barriers between these two main approaches to scientific discovery and engineering advances. Recently, computational simulation has become a third approach - along with theory and laboratory simulation - to studying and solving scientific and engineering problems. Computational simulation is based on the use of high-performance computers to model and simulate complex systems. In this approach, a computer equipped with problem-solving software tools may represent a virtual laboratory in which researchers can build a model for a given problem and run it under varying conditions.
These increasingly complex computational methodologies require sophisticated models and numerical algorithms, and vice versa."
(Excerpts from the Timoshenko Medal Acceptance Speech delivered by Professor J. Tinsley Oden in 1996. "The Revolution in Applied Mechanics from Timoshenko to Computation")

"I computer sono incredibilmente veloci, accurati e stupidi. Gli uomini sono incredibilmente lenti, inaccurati e intelligenti. Insieme sono una potenza che supera l'immaginazione."
(Albert Einstein)