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Pubblicazioni del personale del DICAM

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5724 pubblicazioni
  • Raffo, Simona; Vassura, Ivano; Chiavari, Cristina; Martini, Carla; Bignozzi, Maria C; Passarini, Fabrizio; Bernardi, Elena, Weathering steel as a potential source for metal contamination: Metal dissolution during 3-year of field exposure in a urban coastal site, «ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION», 2016, 213, pp. 571 - 584 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Bossi, G.; Borgatti, L.; Gottardi, G.; Marcato, G., The Boolean Stochastic Generation method - BoSG: A tool for the analysis of the error associated with the simplification of the stratigraphy in geotechnical models, «ENGINEERING GEOLOGY», 2016, 203, pp. 99 - 106 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Spreafico, Margherita Cecilia; Francioni, Mirko; Cervi, Federico; Stead, Doug; Bitelli, Gabriele; Ghirotti, Monica; Girelli, Valentina Alena; Lucente, Claudio Corrado; Tini, Maria Alessandra; Borgatti, Lisa, Back Analysis of the 2014 San Leo Landslide Using Combined Terrestrial Laser Scanning and 3D Distinct Element Modelling, «ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING», 2016, 49, pp. 2235 - 2251 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • Ceschini, Lorella; Angelini, Valerio; Morri, Alessandro; Tarterini, Fabrizio; Fortunato, Alessandro; Liverani, Erica, Effect of surface laser melting on microstructure and mechanical properties of the rare earth rich Mg alloy EV31A, «LA METALLURGIA ITALIANA», 2016, 6, pp. 13 - 16 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Ceschini, L.; Morri, Alessandro; Toschi, S.; Boromei, I.; Bjurensted, A.; Seifeddine, S., Al-Si-Cu alloys for high pressure die casting: influence of Fe, Mn and Cr on room temperature tensile and fatigue properties, «LA METALLURGIA ITALIANA», 2016, 6, pp. 77 - 80 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Hoziefa, W.; Toschi, S.; Ahmed, M.M.Z.; Morri Alessandro; A. A. Mahdy; El-Sayed Seleman, M.M.; El-Mahallawie, I.; Ceschini, L.; Atlama, A., Influence of Friction Stir Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a compocast AA2024-Al2O3 nanocomposite, «MATERIALS & DESIGN», 2016, 106, pp. 273 - 284 [Articolo in rivista]
  • Pagano, Nunziante; Angelini, Valerio; Ceschini, Lorella; Campana, Giampaolo, Laser Remelting for Enhancing Tribological Performances of a Ductile Iron, in: Research and Innovation in Manufacturing: Key Enabling Technologies for the Factories of the Future - Proceedings of the 48th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2016, pp. 987 - 991 (PROCEDIA CIRP) [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
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  • Pieralisi, Irene; Montante, Giuseppina; Paglianti, Alessandro, Prediction of fluid dynamic instabilities of low liquid height-to-tank diameter ratio stirred tanks, «CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL», 2016, 295, pp. 336 - 346 [Articolo in rivista]
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