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Pubblicazioni del personale del DICAM

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5792 pubblicazioni
  • Baraccani, Simonetta; Silvestri, Stefano; Gasparini, Giada; Palermo, Michele; Trombetti, Tomaso; Silvestri, Elena; Lancellotta, Renato; Capra, Alessandro, A Structural Analysis of the Modena Cathedral, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE», 2016, 10, pp. 235 - 253 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • Palermo, Michele; Silvestri, Stefano; Gasparini, Giada; Trombetti, Tomaso, Maximum corner displacement amplifications for inelastic one-storey in-plan asymmetric systems under seismic excitation, in: Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering, Heidelberg, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Springer, 2016, pp. 243 - 254 [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
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  • Marastoni, Diego; Pelà, Luca; Benedetti, Andrea; Roca, Pere, Combining Brazilian tests on masonry cores and double punch tests for the mechanical characterization of historical mortars, «CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS», 2016, 112, pp. 112 - 127 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • Valdes, Olga Reyes; Casson Moreno, Valeria; Waldram, Simon; Véchot, Luc; Sam Mannan, M, Runaway decomposition of dicumyl peroxide by open cell adiabatic testing at different initial conditions, «PROCESS SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION», 2016, 102, pp. 251 - 262 [Articolo in rivista]
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  • Persiano, Simone; Castellarin, Attilio; Salinas, Jose Luis; Domeneghetti, Alessio; Brath, Armando, Climate, orography and scale controls on flood frequency in Triveneto (Italy), in: The spatial dimensions of water management – Redistribution of benefits and risks, Göttingen, Copernicus Publ., 2016, pp. 95 - 100 (PROCEEDINGS OF IAHS) [Capitolo/Saggio in libro]
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