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Brasile: Scholarship program in Strategy&Marketing for Emerging Countries

We want to communicate to all interested candidates of the University of Bologna, that there is a great opportunity to participate in a scholarship program at Universidade Paulista – Sao Paulo, Brazil – UNIP – UNIP is a non-profit private university that is interested in receiving students from all over the world. This program is designed for students who fulfill the following conditions:

- Intermediate level of the English language.

- From 3rd year or 5th semester undergraduates and graduates.

This scholarship program is designed to take place during the holidays and, as a result, there is a 70% discount on the regular price.

We have available the following course:

  1. Strategy&Marketing for Emerging Countries: the course Strategy & Marketing for Emerging Countries is focused on emerging countries context, being a opportunity for students from all over the world to attend a 3-week certificate program.
    -Strategy & Competitiveness
    -Strategic and marketing aspects of conquering markets in low incoming countries
    -Current Economic Scenario of Brazil and other emerging countries
    -Industrial and Consumer Markets
    -Foreign Trade and Direct Investment
    -Logistics and structure
    -Legal aspects: investing and working
    Moreover, the program involves classes and visits to companies.
  2. Survival Portuguese: the course aims at providing students with some basic communicative aspects of the Portuguese language. By the end of the course, students will be able to interact in day-by-day contexts such as: ordering food at a restaurant, buying a product, asking for directions etc.


This short-term program takes place in January, July and August, being a great opportunity to know Brazil, one of the newest economic powers in the world and opening up new academic and professional horizons for you.

How to participate:

- All interested candidates should contact not later than 10/11/2013 and you will be given an application form and all detailed information regarding the course.

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Pitelli de Britto
PHD in Administration at USP Postgraduation Coordinator of UNIP
Honorary Research Fellow at the Exeter University – United Kingdom
DESS (French MBA) at the University Pierre Mendes – France

Pubblicato il 29 ottobre 2013