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2nd NewGenPak Workshop on Fundamentals of composite materials

dal 19/02/2013 alle 09:00 al 22/02/2013 alle 14:00

Dove Università di Bologna ‐ Scuola di Ingegneria - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali - viale Risorgimento 2 - 40131 Bologna, Aule 8.1 ‐8.2

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The "New Generation of Functional Cellulose Fibre Based Packaging Materials for Sustainability" NewGenPak ITN is an interdisciplinary research training network of 8 European universities, 3 research institutes and 6 enterprises from 10 European countries that has been funded under the Marie Curie Framework 7 programme.

It aims to conduct top‐level research and training in the area of sustainable packaging focusing on cellulose based material and targeting three specific areas (a) next generation packaging composites, (b) cellulosefibre based active packaging and (c) environmental, economic and societal aspects of packaging production.

The network will deliver a joint multidisciplinary research training programme aimed at the education of a new generation of researchers with expertise in different areas of packaging and endowed with strong theoretical bases as well as complementary knowledge able to accelerate their advancement in the chosen career.

In this framework the Second NewGenPak Workshop will focus on scientific training (ST) related to the Fundamentals of Composite Materials as well as on complementary training (CT) related to Project Management and organization. Presentations by experts on different topics related to packaging will allow the Early stage Researchers attending the workshop to broaden their view in the areas of packaging applications.