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Expert Workshop “Fostering current practices to a new generation approach dealing with Domino Effects in the Process Industries"

dal 16/04/2014 alle 00:00 al 17/04/2014 alle 00:00

Dove Aula Magna “Enrico Mattei” Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura –viale Risorgimento,2- Bologna

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It is well known that escalation events or so-called domino effects may cause the more severe accident scenarios in the chemical and process industries. A relevant research effort was invested on the subject in the last 15 years, However, due to the difficulties in the assessment of accident escalation and propagation with respect to time and space, to the extremely low frequency of such accidents, and to the increasing complexity of industrial facilities, the analysis, assessment and management of domino scenarios is still an open research problem.

The workshop aims to spread relevant safety and reliability knowledge with respect to domino effects and to this end, three main objectives can be mentioned: defining the state-of-the-art of tools for the assessment of domino effects, discussing the current industrial management practices to deal with domino effects, and identifying further research needs. A discussion with academia, industrial stakeholders, control authorities and software owners is planned to pave the way to the implementation of consolidated research results in current practice. The analysis of further needs, also in the light of progress in advanced assessment techniques as BBN and dynamic risk assessment, will be aimed to identify shared research drivers for further scientific progress on the subject.

The Workshop devoted to the advances and state-of-the-art on domino effects in the process industries is organized by the University of Bologna, Italy, and the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands with the cooperation of ESRA.

Workshop attendance is free, but registration is mandatory.

For the detailed program of the event and for downloading the registration form, please see in the box “documenti” in the right